CPS CARES Patient Assistance Program Software, Healthcare Systems, Community

CPS CARES Patient Assistance Program Software

CPS CARES is a powerful program which streamlines application processes associated with patient assistance programs. CPS CARES drives efficiency and productivity by providing robust systems, tools, and software. CPS CARES simplifies the application process, minimizes manual data entry, maximizes productivity in high volume environments, and provides flexibility to meet varying needs.

CPS CARES has developed proven efficiencies which bridge the information flow across the many affected hospital and clinic departments, significantly impacting the logistical challenges associated with patient assistance program requirements.

Healthcare Systems

In efforts to assist uninsured patients with growing pharmaceutical expenses and to help control rapidly increasing medication costs, healthcare systems are looking to patient assistance programs. CPS CARES offers a complete package of development analysis, on-site consulting, and software designed to drive the recovery process, as well as document the associated savings of medications recovered from manufacturers.


Everyday more and more people are finding themselves without prescription coverage. This trend is forcing healthcare systems to look for alternative sources of revenue to offset this growing trend. CPS CARES helps your organization benefit the local community by assisting in the recovery of needed medications.